Motivation – are corporations heading down the wrong alley?

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Positive psychology
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I recently watched this video with Daniel Pink. And since then I have been thinking about the real impact of what he’s saying, which is basically this: If your job involves a minimum of cognitive skills, most performance management methods, systems and approaches don’t work. There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what businesses do. Mind-buggling and it really calls for action (or corrective action as we consultants like to call it). Go ahead and watch it. Trust me – it’s worth investing a little time in.

My promise: I intend to find out to what extent this is true, to what extent corporation know about this and to what extent they intend to do something about it.

Until then… these are the 3 motivational words to remember: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

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  2. Mette Weber says:

    Det jeg vil tage med mig er de tre ord and the point og skrive en blog om dem på et tidspunkt.

    Jeg er selv inspireret af Mark Thompsons undersøgelser om “Succes to last”
    Jeg hørte hans foredrag hos Taleforum i november 2009.

    Han taler om de 3 P’er der kendetegner mennesker, som har vedvarende succes,

    * Purpose
    * Performance
    * Passion

    Læs mere om hvad han siger på “You can always be used as a good example of failure” på

  3. Alejandro says:

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