The Bosch Rock Star

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Company culture
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We had been struggling with our dishwasher for a while. Plates, forks and knives came out dull (and not at all clean and shiny the way they were supposed to). It really is a major pain in the neck. I don’t know about you, but with these kind of things I always feel it’s my own damned fault – for not rinsing the plates properly, for not using the right kind of soap, for not adding enough salt (or using the right kind of salt), dishwasher rinse, water hardness settings and what not. You get the picture.

It’s one of those things in life where you really have to rely on an expert, although in the past I have always felt somewhat at loss with dishwasher service technicians – not that we’ve had a steady flow of them – but I’ve always felt they either didn’t give a toss about me as a customer, just wanted to get the job done and out the door as soon as possible or needed to charge me an outrageous fee for something they couldn’t even bother explaining to me.

In the end we had to call Bosch (the manufacturer) and so we set up an appointment. And this is where I was taken by surprise. I’d expected the usual anonymous, know-it-all, couldn’t-care-less kind of chap, but instead this real pro showed up. I won’t bother you with all the technical details, but let me say this: After 20 minutes I felt like an expert. I really rarely come across the kind of person who displays such pride and commitment in his job – in a genuine, not over-the-top kind of way. While he was working, he explained to me about the latest generation of low-energy dishwashers, properties of different types of soaps, the workings of salt, the importance of rinsing and dishwasher life expectancies. In the end I started to feel a bit emotional towards our 6 year old dishwasher…

Anyway, the message is this: The service technician, by simply enjoying and being proud of his work, had a dramatic, positive influence on my perception of Bosch, his employer. In fact, if you asked me right now, I wouldn’t dream of buying another brand, which brings me to my last point: A great company brand is a result of a great company culture, which in turn produces inspired employees, who wow customers. You really can’t fake it.

Oh, and by the way, the dishwasher runs like a Rolls-Royce now!

  1. Mikkel Lund says:

    Good thing it was u at home when he showed up – imagine what’d happen if your wife answered the door?! Lol the bosch rock star, nice one

  2. olekassow says:

    Hah, you’re right, imagine if this post had come from her (-:

  3. Mikkel Lund says:

    …then this would have a satirical intro to a spoof version of “eyes wide shut” lol

  4. Ole, the rock star is due to pay a visit tomorrow and you’re not home…that’s if the same guy “does” washing machines ;-)

  5. Neil says:

    Had the same experience.

    But still have to buy a new Bosch dishwasher every 3 years because the kalk in this city screws up the inlet pipes so badly. :(

  6. olekassow says:

    Well, this one has lasted for 7 years and counting now. I think we need to send the rock star around to your place, Neil :)
    @Kerry, if it’s the same guy, he can “teach” you all about washing machines; that way we’re fully covered next time something goes wrong.

  7. The rock star has been and gone and worked his magic again. The washing machine is good to go again now and I have again been given some first class rock star advice.

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