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  1. Ole,

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment with our Streetfilm in the UK Guardian article. Either because of that comment on the site, or people that discovered the Streetfilm thru the link and promoted it themselves, the film has had another mini-explosion – being watched almost 1,000 times since you left that comment!!!

    To put that in perspective, it has been watched nearly 66K times, but usually it gets anywhere between 50 and 100 watches per day since it has cycled out off our top page late last summer. It certainly is appreciated. It is being forwarded around once again.

    Thought you should know the power of one comment!



  2. Thanks so much! I see from that article you have a Batavus too! You know I have three bikes in NYC, but now I ride the Batavus about 80% of the time. I love it, but boy is it a monster. I thought it weighed about 35 pounds and recently my jaw dropped when I realized it was 50+ pounds! I ride that thing 20 to 30 miles some days, and now I totally understand why I am exhausted some days. :)

    In fact the other day went out on my 20 pound bike for an actual fitness ride and was laughing how easy it was to ride.


  3. olekassow says:

    Yay, a Batavus is serious exercise :) I cycle 10-20k a day and part of the way with my youngest (4-year old) daughter in the kiddie seat. I’ve started tracking my “transport cycling” with Endomondo http://www.endomondo.com on my iPhone, which is absolutely great fun.
    If you’re on it, let’s follow each other. And do let me know the next time you’re in Copenhagen. Cheers, Ole

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