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I’ll wrap up 2011 by handing over the word to one of the visionaries of our time, Umair Haque. Here’s a series of tweets from @umairh for us all to reflect on going into 2012. I for one am optimistic (crikey, I might even be upbeat) about creating a better and meaningful world without the meaningless industrial age growth of the past 30-40 years. If you haven’t already picked it up, grab Umair’s recent book Betterness. It’ll make you angry – but the good way.

I wish you all a happy and meaningful New Year :)

Steve Jobs was my number one hero and with him the world has lost one of its greatest inspiring minds.

To me Steve was all about passion, creativity and a burning desire to challenge the conventions – and no challenge was too tough to take on. Just think about the music industry, the phone and personal computing. I, like millions of other people around the world, love his innovations, not just because they’re great. They are. They’re truly great. But on a fundamental level because they inspire us and make us feel we are part of something great. That we’re part of challenging the status quo and thinking differently.

I dare say we have a love relationship with what Steve created. Last week I gave a talk to a high school class and asked them how many of them owned an Apple product. Fifteen of them, almost all, did. Then I offered them to swap their product with a similar non-Apple product that was more expensive and had more features. Be it an MP3 player, a computer or a mobile phone. Out of those 15 students only one was willing to make the swap. The rest were so emotionally attached to their Apple products that they would not part with them. No way. And they couldn’t really explain why. Which, of course, is obvious: How can you even consider giving away your loved one.

This video ad from 1997 never aired with Steve’s voice (Richard Dreyfuss did the final version), but here’s the original Steve Jobs version. Everything that’s being said, could be said about Steve. Think Different.

A plea from a friend in Egypt

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Reform
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The recent and current events in the Middle East are both deeply disturbing (in the cases of government brutality and uncertain futures) and at the same time providing the whole region with new-found hope of democracy and freedom. The events in Egypt have especially moved me, since I have many friends and ex-colleagues in and around Cairo. I’m proud of what the citizens of Egypt have accomplished so far and I stand firmly behind initiatives to stabilize and reform the country.

Today I received this email from my friend Rami Ayad, who is a very skilled IT professional having just started his own company:

Dear Ole,

Thanks again for your support

As you know, Egyptians are coming together to face the current challenges of revolution impacts; that is not clear for public until this moment; however the Intellectuals can see it according to the current indicators

some of this coming challenges is IT employment, for that professionals are going to lose their jobs soon;since there is a lot of IT professionals have been engaged on the Egyptian electronic government projects and others, but unfortunately the most of that projects will be suspended soon
In order that i am trying to help on solving that coming issue via my new software company to gain some opportunities could be helpful at the soon challenges

I am not claiming long history or good experience as company ; however my only objective is finding new job opportunities for good IT professionals, that can safe them suitable income ; so that i am asking your help if you are care and can support.

lastly, please let me say that all Egypt are working now, not to gain profit but to survive; so that we all glad to do our best with no profit.

Awaiting your relay

Rami Ayad

His words made a great impression on me. In fact, the way I see it, this is our opportunity to show solidarity with our Egyptian and Middle Eastern brothers and sisters in a very real way. Therefore, if you have any IT-related jobs within any of the major programming languages, please do consider Rami and his company. You’ll find details on his LinkedIn profile.

Rami – and the rest of you guys – good luck!